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When I travel abroad, I can stay in peace with cheaper if Youth Hostel. Reservations are from getting to be able to even from home via the Internet, can now be planned travel home to anywhere around the world.
Born a lot of opportunity to talk to many people in such as lobby and cafeteria.
checkin Once you become a face-to-face at the table, it is a chance to challenge such as English or Italian conversation. It is a great charm of Youth Hostel can become the person and friends abroad petting of the same traveler each other.

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Let's first get a membership card. You can use in Youth Hostels around the world. Recently, there is a place to registering in large bookstores.
The membership card has to have a credit card function, but in the foreign hostel also many places to keep this card in exchange for a room key,it is more of a normal membership card is peace of mind.

YouthHostel-logo Hostelling International International Youth Hostel Federation
  You can book examines the hostel around the world. You can also know the reservation status.
The net book you are getting to pay in advance credit card charges corresponding to the reservation deposit. This fee will be deducted when you pay the room charge in the field.
YouthHostel in Belgium
In addition, there are many youth that are not subscribed to this reservation system on the Internet. At that time you may be able to in the Youth Hostels Association of site of each country as follows. In addition, there is also a way to make a reservation by issuing the e-mail directly to the youth. I have such a phrase .

YouthHostel-logo Youth Hostels Association (England and Wales)
Also you can find here hostel that has not been described in the International Youth Hostel Federation of site. You examined the Youth Hostel in Lake District.

YH Holland
YH Holland
Holland House YH (London) It is located in the London city wide park.

YH Hawkshead
YH Hawkshead
Hawkshead YH (LakeDistrict) Building is intact mansion with a garden of beautiful lawn.

YH Grasmere
YH Grasmere
Grasmare butterlip how YH(LakeDistrict) It is a great building of masonry. Meals was gorgeous.

YH Coniston
Coniston Holly How YH (LakeDistrict) This is another HollyHow.
Also as a base of wildcat island and Kanchenjunga mountain climbing, is where meals very good.

Farm on the shores of Coniston Lake, Holly How that that all began.

Mt.Kanchenjunga is visible to the other side of the lake.

Youth Hostel of the other country
suzhou YH
Mingtown Suzhou Youth Hostel
shanhai YH
Shanghai Hiker Youth Hostel

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