wildcat island

In the morning at HollyHowe, I had time in breakfast a little more. I passed the lobby and coming off were a correct routes to go to the bench at outdoor. However, it was soon there if it began to be from the window of my room. I brought the water to the boil, and prepared coffee. And, I writedthe a postcard on the seen bench in Kanchenjunga.
Breakfast was the same table as the uncle with white beard like Sean Connery and the wife. I talked about something, and felt nervous. I speaked start from "Good morning", and "Have a nice day" at the end. I had become accustomed to English conversation a little.
Today was an important day which goes to Wildcat island. When I finished eating, I passed LakeHead, and walked aiming at the port. I received birds' welcome in the north end of the lake. I had bread for birds always entered my sack.
When birds find foods being thrown out to the lake side, birds have gathered from a distance greatly.Three birds were domineering here. When other birds come, they had driven away. I enabled everyone to eat impartially by throwing out bread to the distance.
There was footpath written to the boat center on the way of the road of the port. But To buy food, I headed for the village. It seemed that I would be thirsty if I rowed the boat during long time. Moreover, it was necessary to take food. Bread, cola two liters, and bananas of three my purchase.
I queued up in the row to apply for the boat. I should have come earlier. There was variously size of the boat, it was thin and seeming to row easily alone were few, and the boat was rented fast by other people. There was written as Lowing boat 4hour £15.00.
My order came. "Where will you go?", "I will go to the peel island.", "Be so, serious, and use JENNIE." I received a life vest and departured at 10:25. JENNY was a boat with a beautiful wooden varnish color. Because the oar was inserted in metal fittings, there was no worry that I lost the oar though not able to be moved freely.
wildcat When I begin to row this boat JENNIE,she was curved in the sea route easily. The cause seems not to be only a difference of the power of my right and left hand. This boat always turned to the left. The blowing wind was fresh though shining was too strong on the day. When I saw looking back, the Wildcat island was misted far away. I kept rowing the boat for two hours in one way. I rowed slowly so as not to become tired.
I searched for the position of my boat based on the position of the pier. The boat was advanced a little. I decided to advance near the east shore to avoid this wind because the wind was a head wind from the south. There was a person of summering and dabbling in water ashore. This looks like the scenery of summer of Lake Biwako. A person in the shore waved for me, so I shaked a hand and answer.

At last, I approached the Wildcat island. The school of a canoe was done on north side of the island. It was a big island rather than I expected. Shore was surrounded by rocks.
I advanced around the east from north of the island, aimed toward the secret harbour. There was only here if I landed. There was room to also put in my boat, although two canoes were contained in the harbour.
I was landing at last 12:10 on the Wildcat island. I felt islands wide more than I thought. A lot of large trees were here, too. The camp ground might be a place at the center in which it becomes hollow a little. It was surrounded by the tree and a tent is put up. There was no place which can be a north watch place like as illustration. I was ordered to take a picture the person who came by the family. After,he took my picture with flag. The boy pointed out my flag and heard to me making-by yourself?
I decided to a return course turn round the east side of the island. This side seemed to be a narrow waterway. The person in the shore called me,"Have a nice day". I was answered and waved my hand. I chosed the way back the course at the center,so I would catch a fair wind. The Coniston launch passed my boat. Passengers waved to me, I also waved and answer.
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Wildcat island
wildcat island
wildcat island
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