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I am intend sketch, but Maybe illustrations.
I really like those of Van Gogh brand of cotton paper as postcard paper. I have a draft in pencil to this, and the inking in the fountain pen. I will take enough for at least one hour to write up one of the postcard.
I will sit and also serves as a break at the time of travel. I do not have the only chair of the cafe to sit. I draw while I stood if there is no place to sit or, sit if the stone steps of the roadside.
While drinking a Coke from the roof and veranda of the hostel for me, it is time is a most happy draw the evening.
What I most happy, while drinking a Coke , it is time to draw a sunset from a veranda of Youth hostel.
campidoglio Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, where I wanted to draw all means. I where it became a little higher up the stone steps facing the square, drew while sunshine lot. Soft bulge Square, remembering even look like the pattern of the dish. Here is a square that has been reportedly Michelangelo was designed.
roma Venezia seems to the city of miracles. To make a full stake in the tidal flats of mud, and wonderful to have made the city a maze of this cobbled on it.
I was looking forward to walking around the round and round the maze of the city with a map and compass.
Lucca It was used to house the Roman ruins lives. The middle of the amphitheater they become round square, surrounds residence round by using the outer wall around. Hear the pleasant chatter as Osaka downtown, will also through people and tourism of the human dog walk.
Ape P50 Three-wheeler of 50cc, it does not in 'Midget' this car was working in active service. Useful because it can go also with a thin back roads of Rome. 'Ape' is mean 'Bee'. I met several in the same size of the three-wheeler with this that are working firmly in the square of this morning market.

Firenze Firenze inn the fourth floor of my room, not elevator, and climb stairs, I can see the Duomo top from my room window. Daytime even sit strong day, it becomes much cooler when it comes to the evening.


Sagrada Familia I climb the spire of Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família in Barcelona and draw it in the place such as the narrow bridge which links the spire to the spire. The width of the passage does not lay other places for one, and there are few places that I stop and can sketch. This position is the high place that looks far down at the town of Barcelona.

cordba In the courtyard of la Alhambra palace. Fountain of lions
Cool wind blows to hot Cordoba in the daytime when it is the evening. Occupy the chair with cola and a postcard on the roof of youthhostel. Because I wanted to draw the scenery of the Spanish tile of the private house, I took the time slowly and sat down until nightfall. A house martin flew to a lot of sky a lot when I went to see rising sun once again in morning.

espana I eat at such a cheap restaurant whether the meal eats the thing which I bought in a supermarket in a youth hostel. After all the place where hometowns are used well is cheap and is delicious. I often order today's menu here.

espana Though I wanted to draw a person of the land, I drew it as if not staring.

I drew a Hungarian person.
There were few people of the mustache, but saw this type of mustache.


hameln The rich water of Weser river flows near the Youthhostel. Poplar growing at bank, small carriers will continue through the next to it. This river, there are still legends that were able to draw using a whistle the rats had annoy citizens,by agreement between the people of the town

fussen In late summer of dusk in Germany, the bench of the tree was finally set in the open space of the stone pavement where it was about to become dark and swelled in country music. When I sat at the vacant seat and was going to sketch it, a beer mug has been carried immediately. I had her answer with a smile when I said whether you did not mind only by my sketching it.
hameln2 When I left the youthhostel early in the morning and described sketching at Weser river, grandfather came for a walk. "Did you eat the breakfast yet?" I understood that I had you worry about German that I understood though it was only it.
Thank you very much for your advice.
Erich Kastner was born at Dresden. I did not know that here was Erich Kastner Museum until I came.
Words, unfortunately, to be able to hear that the museun went around the room while a lot of people of the guidance had she explain it were very few.
I draw the small museum which I appear in the garden, and was wrapped in a big plane tree. I sketched it slowly while having bread and an apple for lunch.

FrauenKirche morgen

gent There is live music and wine on the terrace along the river and it is rare that today is a little extravagant dinner.

blussl From the window of YH in Brussels, Belgium. It is very nice that the handrails of the iron veranda are each designed to be designed.

rotterdam An old fishing boat in the Netherlands was left in the canal. The sailing boat in the Netherlands has a centerboard on the ship's side.  It would have been such a fishing boat that John Captains who crossed the North Sea by 'Goblin' was met.

canal bus I took the canal bus in the Netherlands. The ship goes slowly with a relaxed traveling direction.  The conductor sitting on the entrance stage keeps talking to the captain who is manipulating while eating ice cream.

magerburg The city of Amsterdam where there are lots of canals and bridges. There was a little small boat on the barge of the river.  Everybody commutes on a bicycle a lot. The very thick chain of the bicycle stooping and the key to it is amazing.

Metro Tour Eiffel The Eiffel Tower was very big, I wanted to draw this size and started sketching looking up at the side of the tower.  Two soldiers with guns of terrorist alert were approaching for a while and they came to investigate and watched with a smile.

Vezelay A vineyard spreads around a hillside in a country town in France. This is one of the starting places of pilgrimage.  On the old streets, black dogs and strollers were brought up on the slope of stone pavement.

上海 A historic apartment we found in Shanghai Kunshan Flower Road, maybe even when my mother was living here when she was young. It is good that the clothing hanging on the washing stretches out of the room. At a later date, I realized that I was an early age around Road of Chappolo near here. It was a coincidence that I came across this place which was a Japanese concession, but I am very happy that I could go to the city where my mother was raised.

杭州 Historic herbal medicine shop in Hangzhou, a garden where you can take a break is a place for everyone's chat. People are peeping as people sketching. Mr. Wu who talked to and became acquainted in that. A man who had been peeping in at the note I was talking about was able to say something with a loud voice. It was unexpected thing such as "militarism, formerly Japan, mistake, Yasukuni" when writing the contents.
Electricity is coming, but there is no turning on the lights in the daytime, and the inside of the house is pitch black from the outside. It is brighter and cooler to do outside if you can cook. In the shade of the river bank, the old man was preparing the vegetables in preparation for lunch, and the lady was talking loudly with the person next to him in the side. The relaxing lifestyle of downtown is very good.

平江路 I stayed at a youth hostel in Pingjiang Road, an old town in Suzhou. The dog was playing with a plastic bottle being thrown at the evening cool bridge.
   I draw with this bridge, where is Mingtown Hostel in Chinese? I was asked. A youth hostel just next to where I am staying. Is it about the same age as my daughter? Shanxi University Shanxi University University student studying in the middle school system. Since I can communicate in English, I did not have to write down.

紹興 I walked around the alley of the river which appeared in TV. River water is used a lot, such as living cooking and washing. A house with a river beside it usually gets down to this river and a man is washing usually. The river is covered a little and there are garbage, but there are lots of small fish.

紹興 I got on a tricycle from the station to the waterway town. There is a narrow seated seat on the back of the bicycle, an uncle like Jean Reno is bicycling. I get off the climbing slope and push the bicycle. I wanted to get down and play with it. I can understand that you bother walking down a narrow street for sightseeing. I could not make myself understood, so I progressed with writing kanji in the sketchbook. The fare was negotiated at the beginning, but thankfully I thanked him when he got off.

台南 西市場 The old market ruins of Tainan city, this is the entrance of the market no longer used. The roof is covered to cover the building, probably because of a leak. There were people living in the space near the entrance. There was only a dim passage when entering, but there were Iron Man suits on display. It seems to be made of paper, but it is as red and gold as the movie image. The artist seemed to be on display. at Tainan Fuchu Street

台南 府中街 In the morning of Monzen-cho, here is where a little more tourists are likely to come. at Tainan
ベトナム ホイアン
At Hoi An. I can't hear or speak Vietnamese, just remember the numbers and tell the price. The price is determined by negotiation without a price tag. Travelers are naturally told high prices. When I went shopping for drinks, I knew it was 12,000 dong (60 yen), so I grabbed that bill and went to the grocery store to remove the cola from the refrigerated case. I said Mun Hai (12 in Vietnamese) and pushed 12,000 dong bill bullily. An uncle from a store who couldn't say anything after being taken away.

ベトナム ホイアン   Text and drawings Copyright © 2004-2019 Keiji K.


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