I got off the bus at Ambleside. I walked to north from this town. Many cars passed driveway, but the other side of stone wall was a pasture, sheep had done freely and easily. I found a public telephone on the way and telephoned to Japan. I was able to speak slowly about at least one pound of telephone charges from here.
I walked sidewalk of the road to north along a brook. I crossed the bridge of a small stone, and entered footpath to Rydal Water before long. I confirmed it asking a person who had walked as going on this road to Rydal Water. This footpath climbed in a forest a little before long. It seemed that this footpath is gone up along the flow of the water which flowed out from Rydal Water.
The lake had come into view when I went for a while. The colony of a purple jewelweed was very beautiful ashore. Let's take a rest for a while here.

turifune flower
In the way of the lakefront, many couples were taking a walk. Hither was only footpath and a quiet stroll road though there was a car road in the opposite bank. Although many ferns had grown in the slope, the way which passes in it was stepped on firmly.
I went over the bridge of the tree that hung to the place at Grasmere in which it flowed out.

next day sheep

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