Post card

I love the post office and the post.
I was posting a postcard every day at my small daughter to wait in Japan. Now,we come to put out E-mail from anywhere. Still postcard to send to painting is excellent most.
As with postcard of Japan, postcard stamps have been printed had been sold in Austria. Paper I draw a sketch I want to postcard that is used as much as possible in the country. First, I asked whether they sell to go to the post office, where the postcard. If not sold, I was also able to buy the A6 size cards in stationery stores.
Also, I am looking for a post office in order to get so beautiful commemorative stamp want. Also I have reached the big post office, reception counter is lined lot, is usually where you do not know what are dealing with commemorative stamp. Guidance I supposed Posted has been raised of, but I do not understand is window of classification. It is to try the time being heard in person in charge.
I showed the postcard, and please stamps to Japan. This means that you please also found not through language. But, usually stamp only Could you sell that way. So I came all the way looking for a large post office, I am seeking beautiful stamps. Without I get a quite understand, I have arranged the words that come up without giving up, I do my best to be want in various kinds of beautiful commemorative stamp. stamp
But, is quite difficult in my language skills, I have often not get found to be struggling in the country who do not speak English.
Also, I think in such a way that the number of post has become very less at the airport.
It did not seem dealing only Queen of the normal stamp is a small post office of rural England.


Letter of journey

I am engaged by my daughter, at the time of the trip I have to write a postcard every day. I never buy a postcard, both sides also have painting myself as you look here.

Postcard was buy In Austria, domestic mail worth of stamps have been printed.

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at England the station

In Belgium

This is China post, wonder if the same form as the United Kingdom of.
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