Modelship Nancy Blackett

I am making the model of 'Nancy Blackett'. She was featured as 'Goblin' in the book of "We didn't mean to go to sea" by Arthur Ransome.   This ship was the cutter of production in 1931. When he own this ship was named "NancyBlackett". He voyaged across the North Sea to the Netherlands for his work.
When I going to start making, I didn't get the blueprints. This was the first time I made a model ship.
I by shaving the hull little by little from a block of wood, and began production while thinking about my own way.
I would not get an accurate drawing. The process was too difficult for me. So I went to fix the form by shaving the hull little by little from a wood block.
I refer to the photograph of the site of Nancy Blackett Trust and illustrations of the book Ransome himself drew.
* Length of deck: 28ft6inch (8.68m)
* Beam : 8ft1inch (2.46m) hull width
* Draft : 4ft6inch (1.53m)
Only this I found the description about the size of the hull. The other part was estimated from the photo on the basis of this number. I made 1/50 size production. Because it is a good size and also to decorate what this much is easy to make for me.

 nancy hull
Using an overlay plate of wood (Douglas fir), I made it out and cut the hull. I was examined here and there, but the cross-section of the hull did not know. In particular, I did not know the form of the draft below the line photos that is reflected in the form of a cross-section of the hull can not be found, does not appear on the water surface. It did not know part of the keel or the long, the bottom of the hull is what extends all the way.
After that, I have found the time the hull is finished, the photo that the shape of the cross section. Therefore, it was decided to rebuild again hull that had been made ​​up to the middle.

I painted the color of the hull that was finished.
I used acrylic paint. But, It took time than I thought it to dry completely this paint.
First,I painted the entire white.
Red acrylic paint is too bright, I decided to cool colors by mixing black color. Determine the line of draft was a thing difficult. Varnish color was beautiful, such as cabin. I was in the same shellac varnish finish here.

 Nancy Blackett model-stern

There is a porthole at the port side of the hull. I tried to consider various ways to make it. I decided to find a small washer, to use this. Inner diameter was 2.6mm brass washer with an outer diameter of 5mm. I used by shaving increased to 3mm inner diameter.
I thought porthole cabin also have same size. Border is thick little porthole for viewing the compass from the wheelhouse.
 Nancy Blackett rudder
I did not know exactly also the form of the ladder, and photos from the cutter of others. I made a ladder by woods. Hinge was a copper plate of 0.2mm and piano wire of 0.5mm.
I bought the material of the sale at Nomura tailor(in Kyoto Shijo). Its color was a red brick.
I bought 30cm in width broad cotton. Color was not match the fabric that I bought at the first,so I went to re-buy to Nomura Taylor again.
Mast is strong at making bamboo. Its diameter is about 2.8mm. I cut a slightly thick bamboo in this size.
Diameter of bowsprit would much 2.0mm.
 Nancy Blackett
Structure of the cabin is coming I understand, I've got to want to structure the real reason more the inside of the hull. But, the ship is made up to some extent. I'm thinking that it lets make up as it is this time.
at the same time as the production, I am slowly continue reading the original book in English. It is now well understood the appearance of deck and cabin,I didn't notice when I red before.
Modelship Nancy Blackett
1. Position of the porthole of the port has become a small room in the ship. The light comes in from the window. There is no on the starboard side of the window. In addition, porthole cabin has become the height of the eye just when I stood up in the cabin.
2. While the cabin and cockpit has a door completely closed at the time of storm. In addition, the entrance has a higher water entering into the cockpit so that does not flow into the cabin even when not close the door.
3. Deck is not a plane, and has been to have a bulge for drainage. Front as they become even higher.
4. The cabin is beautiful wood varnish color. The color of the varnish was beautiful boat JENNY I borrowed at Coniston water. Varnish was a very beautiful color also wooden ferry that had put on when crossing the Windermere. By color instead of paint, shellac painted just like the real thing the beautiful colors of varnish, I was able to color and gloss varnish so exactly the same.
5. Stove to boil water is next to the stairs entering the cabin. Is located in the port to flow. It is made to look like through the window from the skipper there is a compass in this buckwheat.
6. There are two places in the hull front and rear bed. It is thought that this is probably a partition in order to reinforce the structure of the hull in between.    In addition, the height of the cabin is made to match the height of the person, the head that help to prevent hitting the ceiling portion is open at the stairs from cockpit.
7. Water tank is under the cockpit. It is the back side of the engine. 8. Engine is bottom of the stairs in the cabin, heavy engine should be in a position lower than the surface of the sea.
9. Main sale displays using the default Mastfoop. It will not see a yacht of this modern structure. This is what John climbed to cross-trees used by a step.
10. I think of cabin space fo'c'sle foremost part that's toilet now. How in the days of the 1930s what was what, I do not know.
LifeSaver 11. Life preserver has equipped on top of the cabin. There is a box that housed the lifeboat in NancyBlackett of now, but it is life-saving device like this in the illustrations of Ransom. I made it cut out round a wood plate.
12. There is a hatch on the front deck. People can enter and exit from the cabin through here. Deck even if wearing seawater, and has a structure in which water does not enter. Here is considered as an emergency exit at the time of the flood or fire.

 modelship Nancy Blackett
When I go to make them, I will examine the structure of the Nancy Blackett issue.It was found that there is a discovery each , considering the size and movement of people, it has a structure in which add up. I was unaware when I just read the book, I will know very well the movement of Susan and John in the North Sea.
Illustrations by Ransome himself drew takes care to resolve the questions about the structure of the ship. Goblin has appeared not only "We did'nt mean to go to sea", also "Secret Water". Illustrations by Ransome is solves the place where it was hard to know in the picture, such as cross-trees and make a cabin and hull.
The figure below is what I refer to the photos, etc. I have tried to draw a structure.

 Nancy Blackett hull
 Nancy Blackett starbord
  Text and drawings Copyright © 2004-2022 Keiji K.

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