The mountains of Lake District

In the Lake District, the mountains are wonderful, too.
I climbed Wetherlam at northwest of Coniston water. It was very quieter than Kanchejunga (OLD MAN OF CONSTON) which I climbed five years ago here. It has deviated from some routes that I was able to come across a pond embankment. It was the small pond which there was cotton grass, and was very beautiful.
The mountain rising behind Coniston YH seems to have the whole in a big rock. I wanted to climb this mountain. So at first I aimed at this rocky mountain. The plain of a rock told to be a high-top opened on this rock. I can climb Wetherlam along the ridge from here.
The scenery of the rock not to think of to be it opens with the mountains which do not reach 1,000m above sea level from the mountaintop. In there, the rocky mountain which seemed to climb the heap of Japan Alps of the 3,000m.
There are some abandoned mines of the mine trace in the place where the mountain is low in. The board slate of the copper ore and stone was mined from this place so that it was written in 'Pigeon post'.


Writing of Alfred Wainwright

Alfred Wainwright (1907-1991) wrote the climbing guidebooks of the mountains of the Lake District. His book is well-done as a mountain climbing guidebook very much. This book is expressed all by handwriting until the letter of the guidance sentence. The printing type is not used for this at all. I was moved with splendor of the black and white that it was easy to read clearly. The many mountain climbing routes to one mountain are expressed by the plainness beyond the map and altitude, the form of the rock, the sketching that needing it is splendid of the prospects. I did not know that such a book was written until I really had it in my hand.

     A.Wainwright FRANCES LINCOLN £11.99

Among seven series, the mountains such as old men around Coniston water are

I bought this book in a mountain-climbing equipment shop of the Lake District.
Publication 1960 of the first edition is slightly old, but a state and trail of the mountain are not changed. I admire the effort of the author who wrote such a great book as a mountain climbing guidebook. When I read this book, will it be only me to want to go to climb the written mountains in sequence?
If I can come to the Lake District again, I aim when it is uphill and wants to go to the mountains written in this book here and there this time.

The height of the mountain
2502ft. Wetherlam
2633ft. Coniston Old Man ('Kanchenjunga')
Not a meter, it is not the mountain which is particularly high because it is feet unit (1feet=0.3m). But it is just rocky like the ridgeline of the Japan Alps. I can climb it if I do my best for several hours because air is not thin.
When I wanted to obtain a book of this wainwright books more, I looked for (U.K.), but understood that I was available from (Japan) as a foreign book recently.


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