Coppermines valley

 coppermine valley
The valley in the north of Coniston Lake is the Coppermine Valley. This is a wide valley sandwiched between Old Man and Weathelam. It is a valley digging copper and other ores. It is a hilly area drawn in 'Pigion post'. There were places like this where we still carry ore.
On the west side of this valley there is Oldman of Coniston 803 m which is "Kanchenjunga".A cold flows in the middle of a wide valley. Sheeps are released anywhere around here,so you should not drink this cold river water. A sheep was also coming at the summit of Old Man.
There are no trees on the slopes, where there are stones and ferns grow thick. When I climbed a little, I would go to the rocks.

The house around here is made by overlaying slates. As a building material that carries flat stones, not only the walls of the house but also roofs, stone walls and bridges are made of stone. If you stack a lot on thick walls, you can make a strong house. In Japan, wooden building is used because it can use a lot of wood, but this slate is used here. Anything that can be abundantly used in that region is used for architecture everywhere.
The products produced from this area are copper, lead, silver, graphite other than slate.
I also found a horizontal path as written in "Pigeon Post". I saw it for a moment but the old pit is very dangerous.  I went out just a bit as I tried not to touch the wall.
Dick discovered chalcopyrite. It is necessary to smelter to remove copper from now. However, if iron ore is mixed with charcoal and reduced, iron can be obtained but I think that chalcopyrite is not easy because it is CuFeS2 in chemical formula. 
If it is a gold ore you can surely withdraw gold by the way Dick tried.  

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