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I slept soundly with a warm bed. I getting off at breakfast. Breakfast was prepared for three in the sun-room. Light has shone into the bright room through a flowerful of the yard. I thought that I ate with Mr. and Mrs. owner. breakfast
I ate with Mr. and Mrs.Debit met for the first time. Coffee was fully one in the server of the glass. Now, it was practice of English conversation. I was asked a lot,"You going today to where". I speaked in English with painful Arthur Ransome etc. "Coniston water is a good point." "Will you go to Black sail YH.?"
I should be eating a lot though I did not have the appetite. Decent meal might be only this today.
First of all, I went to Wroxham by bus. I queued up in the row to rent a moter lanch. But it would not become empty until two o'clock. The bicycle was reluctantly written, and here also was closed and has written to call the shop in the signboard though lived in the debt.
When I lie on the brick fence at supermarket Loy's, and I looked up the cloud and the house martin like the high sky. I had become easy a little or it seems to have caught a cold still because of yesterday's sleeping in the open. I decided to go to the downstream by bus. I offered and paid a fare to Rudham bridge. I hope to the bus driver. She stopped at Rudham bridge for the stop though it seemed not to have been. Thank you very much.
The bridge doesn't span even the Bure river around here and the Ant river for a long time. The following of Wroxham are these roux dam bridges. To pass mast with a high sailer, the bridge obstructs and does. It might have been natural that a private ship went out of the car for the person in this land. The sailer knocks down mast and passes in the Ludham bridge.
I was said that it would become three o'clock here because there was no motor lunch now.
One lunch came back at 15:10. "Can I hire this moterLanch?" I hired from the person of charge in one hour. The map was taught when telling wanting go to the orchis Worth marsh and how to put it out was taught. After that, I asked him to teach the way of the operation of moter lanch. The attention of not hanging the rope for the reservations on the operation and the back of the advancement retreat on the outside down, and no crossing ahead because of cutting of the yacht at the time of whiling, etc. was heard.
Moter Lunch

I started, and driving the ship was difficult. It was not possible to outstrip even if the previous ship stops. Everyone waited in a row because the river was narrow. It was because it slowly enjoys the vacation of Norfolk. I would enter from the Ant river to the Bure river. The display of this ant river was glad, and a name of the river that has often come out with the book. The Bure river where reed field spreads out broadens a little in both shores. I advances the row so as not to allow everyone to pass it slowly by the speed limit of 5mph. To it was not possible to go to orchis Worth's marsh willingly for 30 minutes and return. I was possible to become a drive of the return. I was good at the composure of the mind. I waving with the person of the boat that passes each other.
The sketch of this motor lunch was started sitting on the bench, after ship had been returned. However, this ship was rented from another person at once. Does it finish being drawn "Dawn" before it does? I was a sketch by hurry. The person that lying was young coming to see happily became possible when drawing. I came from Japan all the way. I faced and the boat came on the side to put light oil. The big white dog kept in this Rudham bridge service was smelling for the skirt of the pair of trousers. The smell of my dog named "Maru" might surely adhere.
The return would walk though it was far for a moment. I got out in the wheat field, and walked in none of country lanes that were. A little big stone that exists in the boundary of the site was not seen for a moment though the gravel paved on the road was the one having carried somewhere else. The crack was scooped out vitriform. It rocks by this making this provinces. It can be thought the stone like the vitreous obsidian taken home picking up a small fragment of this stone.
 Bure river
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