I had paid breakfast the day before. But this morning, my physical condition was not good. I departured early in the morning so I had to make do with the time the bus was coming. When I got to the bus stop at there was anyone yet. People waiting for the bus had increased little by little by the time it become the arrival time of the bus. Before long, number 555 double‐decker bus came. I went upstairs of the bus to look good and Grasmere lake.
But it was a failure. My physical condition was worse. The bus was not good shake well. I was also cold.

I boarded the train at Windermere station. This train was cold airconditioner. At Oxenholme station, I switched to express bound for Euston. I wore a long-sleeved shirts put on more layers of a windbreaker because cold. I put on lap my rucksack, I fell asleep leaning on it.
When I arrived at Euston terminal in London, I looked for the toilet first. It was supposed to enter and press the bar put money as 20p.

I want to direct to the airport anyway. My flights ticket was FIX. I have lived in London until tomorrow. I was scheduled to stay EppingforestYH, but I didn't receive a reply to my E-mail booking. And there was far away from this tarminal.
So, I decided to go to Holland houseYH familiar. I was too tired to walk from the tarminal. I managed to get to the reception I asked ,and not my reserved.
I recived a key to room number 5 in the same room as last time. I taked a shower and go to bed for the time. Today I would not wash anymore.

The next morning, I began to happen to brighten, I break slowly chair dining room no one. The bedroom was hot but the air outside is cool. I now finally healthy. The vending machine coffee didn't seem to work today for I didn't put 50p .I was starting after finishing eating breakfast. When I walked down the street through the park, squirrel would appear here and there.
Wicket door does not open when I rided from the subway station in the north of the park. When I show the ticket of the day pass to station staff, this ticket was valid from 9:30. There was still more than an hour. I decided to walk to the next station for an hour wait. There was a bench on the sidewalk uncommon in town. I wam resting here. Officials of young African-that the management of the parking ticket had been active briskly side of the road here.

I arrived at exactly 10:00 of the opening of the British Museum. I was able to sketch Sit back the statue of Ramses II. This was a great image, strong if there was dignity, And that had a tenderness. People who made ​​this statue would have to form with idealized king. I think it will very great. I was happiness to observed slowly without worrying about the time this image.

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