The main purpose of my trip was to sail to Wildcat island and walk around Coniston water. Then, I was able to make a reservation to stay at the farmhouse HolyHow written in story.
However, I couldn't make a reservation for the accommodation in Horning Village in the Norfolk, but I knew that there was a travel information center, so I would be able to manage it.
  The stage of another story is "Secret Water" on the east coast of England. I found out that this was Walton_on_the_naze, but I had to leave without finding a way to book the hotel.

I got off alone at Heathlow Airport, a suburb of London. To get from the airport to the city of London, use the subway. The long underpass to the subway platform was walking without hesitation.

I had £10 bill exchanged for coin at the information desk of a subway, and although coin was put into the ticket machine in order to buy ticket OnedayTravelCard £5.10, but coin returns. This was the system into which the displayed amount of money is put later, after pushing the button of a ticket to buy previously. Well, indeed, if it gets used, it may be the thing with this right way. The vehicles which were subways are running the ground unawares. There is a yard where the residence of the well alike structure continues, and the chimney is similarly located in a line. In the transfer station of a subway, the destination of the following train was displayed by the arrow. Since it had not got used to this display system, either, it is opposite-suitable by mistake, and I will ride and return at the station which rode.
I arrived at nostalgic HighStreet Kensington station. I came out on the ground and walks toward a northwest. It is a hot day. Although I had no map of the position of YH, asking people which is walking is first. I had teach to enter from the gate of the entrance of HollandPark. The game of a cricket is done in the ground. There was a garbage can of exclusive use for the walk of a dog.
  Dog Toilet
HollandHouseYH is in the site of this park. Nobody's bed is still in the large room which exists about 20. When I would go out, the Japanese youth went into this room. He was the college student coming from Kanazawa. I could talk in Japanese. I was allowed to take a photograph together. He said that he looked at only London and went to Germany tomorrow. Doing, by the time it grows dark, I was going to buy a map and a commemorative stamp at a big post office. Only the normal stamp of the queen's silhouette is sold at the local ordinary post office.
First, I went to Trafalgar square by subway. And I went to big bookstore WaterStone's which faces this square. The map should be assembled if it is here. I checked that there is original of Ransome purchased on the final day of a trip to it, and extorted from it. But the book which must be in the shelf of underground children's books is not placed. Although the bookshelf was repeatedly looked for when there could not be no hardcover of Jonathan Cape, the paperback was only located in a line. Well, it will be why.
The post office which had information in the site of an English sightseeing office and which is opened till late went in order for a stamp to come to hand. but the door is closed isn't it? Although it must have been open to 20:00, the business hours stretched by the door were 8:30 - 18:30. Having reached passed 19:30 and it was closed long ago.

 The morning of London Holland House YH
The T-shirt, the towel, etc. got dried tolerably. The socks which were moist for a while will be put on and dried. Past night went to sleep at 9:00. Then, although there was about three persons, much of the European was now broken into this large room. Was it a full room mostly? To the table of the morning dining-room which gets out of bed and is in nobody, I eat having left sandwiches. The begonia of yellow and orange was beautifully in bloom in basket hung in the yard. I approached whether in fact, it was an artificial flower, and has seen.
I taked breakfast together with Mr.Murakami. I had him Mail address. Breakfast was bacon with salty and delicious thing are a potato fly.
I left the YH and arrived at the post office beside Trafalgar square. There is seldom time till the time of the train which was being planned. The number of the stamps of postage 42p to Japan was two. I bought 20p and 28p's so that two sheets could be used combining. It seems that the domestic postage of Britain has 1st and 2nd(s). I had teach 1st by 28p and 2nd by 28p. About 7pound of stamps was purchased by all, such as a beautiful stamp set of the queen's 50th anniversary of reign. A postcard can be anywhere taken out with this during a travel.
I went to Liverpool Street station by subway. First, I must be validate to BritrailPass at the window of a station. One of the charge of ticket window takes the necessary procedure by settling in many persons standing in a line and waiting. Something has gone the rubber stamp search to other places. not remaining several minutes to departure. I would get impatient Those who have ranked with the sequence accumulate [ look whether it is the same thought at each other ] and are also stylish. A ticket is received at last and I run to the train. There was a gate in going into a home. I hold up a ticket, and have station attendant open, and it runs to a No. 14 home. When it got in Walton-on-the-naze going, before 1 minute had passed, it began to move.
Several persons were only on vehicle and it has become empty. It seems that it is correct if the route figure and the stopped name of the station are seen although it became anxious about whether these vehicles were sufficient. Train speed was gathered when it came out to the suburbs. It is running as fast as it thinks that it is impossible by this shake, considering maintenance of a rail. Since train often shakes,it about 150 km/h I think , and about anxious.

Bus in London next day


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