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Swallows and Amazons Forever


Wildcat Island of which I yearned to go.

I walked alone in the mountains, rivers and lakes of England in search for footsteps of Arthur Ransome.
The stage of the original was Coniston Water in the Lake District. This lake is home to his longing for the wildcat island 'Peel Island'. I had a dream of sailing the lake first and landing here, and then staying at the farmhouse HollyHowe, which is mentioned in the book. Also, in the Horning Village of the Broads in the Lake District of Norfolk, where " Coot Club Outlaws " was set, the flow of the Via River If I can go around by boat. In addition, " Secret Sea " Walton-On-The-Naze , I can walk around England's longing land, which is the setting of Ransom's work. I went on a journey.
The luggage to bring is one Alpine Zack. I always use it in the mountains when climbing a river. I have to carry this all the time and walk around, so I have to reduce my luggage. If I want to walk a lot and see a lot, I need to have light luggage. Still, on the way back from the trip, It was very heavy because I bought enough of Ransom's original book to fit in his backpack.

table talk

I want to walk the mountains, rivers, and lakes in England.

At traveling alone, I could sit down and draw a sketch in wherever I like. I could also look at it and waited for the sea half a day until it becomes ebb tide, in order to cross to the swallow island. In a youth hostels or a train, many people were surely spoken to. It seems that it is natural in England that everybody enjoys conversation.
When I was wrapped in fog at Windermere water,or when discovered "doghouse" stone-made in woods,or when entering the real houseboat was using Captain Flint, I was sitting on the cabin before a table lined with a letter of over writing and prepare the tea. It seemed to me that comes together in the story was really going on here also.

sketch myself


When the journey, I will have a sketch of postcard-size paper. If I look through the viewfinder of a camera,it is only the scenery seen for a moment. If I am going to draw by sketch, I will gaze a lot. When I start drawing, the fact that you do not become aware is found to that.
I sat down and drew in the shade of a tree. While that time, I having been then blown on the wind, drinking cola on the roof. I takes time to draw, is a very important time. I remember to the calm feeling and refreshing wind at that time. I started drawing as the letter to please my daughter waiting at home waiting for. but now it has become pleasantly myself traveling.
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