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I got down from the home of a Wroxham station, passed through the track. I went to the information office first. It is important to secure the hotel of tonight. Even if I enter without reading writing on the door as the opening at nine o'clock, I have pushed closed door. However, it was taught that it was open to the person of the charge on the inside if it was a door on side.
Please bear tonight. I didn't reserve it still. And, I told to have come for "swallows and amazons". The clerk called here and there and searched for the hotel could do nothing but stay at the Horning village. She wrote a map with a picture for me not good at English. And in addition, She sent me to the bus stop. She said me wait the bus to Horning village here. I had a little time until bus comes,so I entered nearby Roy's store. It was a name of the store that comes out in "The Big Six". Are there mushroom soup and a pudding of the broiled meat in this shop? This was a very big supermarket, and it divided into many buildings.
When I was waiting for the bus, I asked to the grandmother the bus fee to Horning. She lived in the Horning village, and we talked while walking from the stop to the place of B&B gotten off together. She would go out to cruising around here on the afternoon of today. We passed by Swan inn, and she tought me "Gable Cottege is here". It's white thatched house. It had a beautiful door.
I was very strained and to visit an individual house for the first time in the foreign country. I greet Ms.Maggie, and shaked hands with Mr.Leon. I went through the kitchen, went up in the small stairs, and was guided to the room. Feeling that wall was pure-white and very clean though was small room it. There was two beds, and one is by the window. The garden was seen through a curtain.
Although hope of a breakfast menu was asked, it could not say that it did not matter anything but told "Please give me this and this." There was very a lot of flowers in the garden and it was maintained well. The key to the entrance of this house was passed and she was said whether to have asked that anything was not understood.
First of all, I saw walking in the Horning village. The place put close to near a river was restricted. There was many places written to be "Private,No entry".
River was able to sit near Ferry inn, and the rest ..eating the ice cream here. As many as ten or more Coots came to getting. A big boat that moves with the engine passed one after another. The yacht also passed. It was covered with the river grass and the tree in the farther shore and nature. I sketched sitting by the river and spent the evening peacefully.
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