It was fine although there was a haze. Breakfast was the same table as Van des Ful. I could not speak almost.
I decided to walk along Footpath and to go across a hill, up to a Hawkshead village. I had roll breads which had become hard for ducks at the lake end of Coniston water. They get together calling"Gua gua" on water surface, I answering""Gua gua" and I presented roll breads to ducks.
Walking a little, I passed before the Waterhead Hotel. I went into footpath passed through a pasture. I went a stone steps which passed through a thicket and went out to the road.
I went on a road left from the lake, exceeded a gentle hill, passed in the ranch. The Hawkshead village can be beyond seen, where I walked along the grassy place of a pasture and it begins to get down. I would sketch by avoiding sunlight, sitting on the bottom of a big tree and being crowded. There were a pleasant wind and pleasant scenery. It was very rich time.
I walked in the sketched scenery and I went to the village. I passed through the place where the house applied white was straddling the way, and came out to the coop front. I found a bookstore at the corner. I was not possible to walk in the shop because I was shouldering the sack. There was a lot of Ransome books in this shop. It was possible to buy with the card, so I would come for the purchase tomorrow in this shop.
From here to Hawkshead YH was a hot 1km on the roadway. Strawberries were not found to the stone wall. It was at 12 o'clock that I arrived there. The front desk was closed until one o'clock. I kept out of sunlight, sat on the bench in the veranda.
I handed the paper of reservation and I ordered supper and breakfast. But I wondered a menu of Bacon'Butty'.
My Room number was No. 1. The room had a sufficient view at corner of the first floor. There was eight beds.The garden of the lawn was visible well from here. I would draw the sketch today and spend the afternoon slowly. This Youth Hostel used a splendid building that was a residence.
I found books"The Way to Sattin Shore"written by Philippa Pearce and "King Solomon's ring" written by Konrad Lorenz on the bookshelf at a lounge. I had both book on Japanese version. I was glad of being able to meet the original.
The menu of the supper was satisfactory in potato, carrot, pea, soup,chicken and mushroom pie, coffee and ice cream.

Next morning. The sun looked soft and moonish piercing of the little sunshine well. However, it also had been raining quietly.
Rain stopped before long. After a while, it began to rain moreover softly. Then I went to the bench in the veranda where the garden was seen to sit.
robin A Robin has flown by me. And,he was on a near bench. I quietly took out my camera and took a picture.
After that. Sheeps in the next ranch passed under the hedge. They entered the garden of the lawn, and were eating the grass. They had been exceeded though there was a hedge that prevented the sheep from going into it so that the person may relax at ease because there was no excrement in this lawn.
It began to rain again quietly. I did not have to hurry up. The bus comes only at ten o'clock, because it was Sunday.
I arrived at the village past 9:00. I bought two tomatoes at co-op first. Why they boiled a tomato in Britain? I wanted to eat a raw tomato with insufficient vegetables.

Book Store
And I went to the bookstore where be found yesterday. The shop had as many as the second floor. All Swallows and Amazons series had complete. I bought two books in hardcover. This shop also had "Coot in the North". Although seen for the first time, The illustration in the book was only several pieces, and the half the thickness of the book. I did not have English language skill that read this.

Hawkshead YouthHostel
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