There was many tourists in Grasmere village, also here was tourist resorts. I lost the way to Youth Hostel by map. I went into the village, I found the name of way as the guide and the way of a ravine was entered.
The building of ButterlipHow YouthHostel has the brilliant rockwork which accumulated the slate board like Coniston YH. Furthermore, the whole building was the greatly elaborate structure. A receptionist was finished and nobody was still in the room to the second floor. A dining-room had a large very bright glass window. There was a cricket game in the yard of grass. Although a ball was thrown like baseball and it was struck, the pitcher turned the hand by rotation contrary to a softball, and had released the ball in the high position. The face of a bat was flat.
I went to see the Grasmere lake. Although the way along which a car passes was progressed, a fence and a building are located all the time in the northern coast of a lake, and I could not close to there.
Supper was able to be chosen by menu. BrasedSreak was stew of the beef instead of a steak. I ate a delicious supper too much. Even I ate the ice cream of a dessert firmly. The table was also widely bright, this dining-room was slowly made to finishing a postcard.
YH Grasmere
  This building of Youth Hostel was also rockwork and wonderful. I sketching took time too much, I began to draw to copy at least the rockwork beside a kitchen instead as correctly as possible. I was doing its best in the door side. I had it said that the lady who passed by came except the sketch and was speaking about your thing in the dining-room. She saw me at previous YH, although I was not able to hear correctly.
I was going to sleep early, but I overeats, so could not sleep.
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