Path going through the ranch


When I went beyond the spacious hill of the Lake District, and walked leisurely trail going missing the ranch, the flow of time that I loose of that time has become unforgettable memories.
Pasture farm has been surrounded by a fence as such as sheep not flee. Across the ranch of this private land, as within walking distance, public footpath has been made. Literally, is the path to walk.
I walked, I was first to go on the road traveling west coast of Coniston water to the south. Introduction It was the way of camping and ranch, it was eventually become a narrow path that was covered with fern progresses to the south. Cliff here is also to found a Heath is full bloom.
Hill exit from Coniston village to Hawkshead was way I able to much walking in the pasture. Undulations followed slowly there is also the shade of a tree, it is the way that able wrapped in fresh wind.
I walked the footpath from Ambleside to Grasmere water. Here was folded a lot of people walk. Person and or a greeting to meet, I met also in dogs that have come for a walk with the addition of the branches of his favorite wood.

gate Ranch has been surrounded by a fence, such as such as sheep and cows do not run away, but that footpath is through therein. In impassable in sheep, human entrance beyond the fences so is through has been variously devised. That fence is open as a door, or those that straddle the fence riding a stepping stone, or there was a lot of gate so that a person could pass such as those that go beyond and up the small stairs.

If I walk the footpath you encounter various naturally. Or there is a large amount of left behind of cow's, also wild grass flower roadside, I'm looking forward even to also meet the bee's not apparent in Japan.
Bicycle does not pass, I can meet in England of wind that does not taste only journey to walk. I will over the hill toward the next hostel for tonight.


In the hills of Japan, If I walk so that it is not broken even in rice fields of footpath, anywhere I take my favorite route. But, here I am erected the tags around the No Trespassing "Private no entry" of farm road, can not be even if there is a way to pass through the private land, such as fields and pastures could as basic.
Ordinance Survey's to 1/25000 of map to distinguish may road walking is drawn properly. Map that has been incorporated to draw so far is that I want also to Japan


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