heath  heath  heath It is 'heath' that did not understand me by a plant name coming out in books.
I have not watched this plant called the heath in Japan.
The flower has only the description of growing in the purple making the wasteland bloom, the crack of the rock. I wanted to watch this flower. I thought whether it was a British peculiar plant.
I think that the flower of this photograph is heath. I seem to enter the group of the alpine plant in Japan.
This bloomed in the rocky place of the Lake Country. It is several kinds or is mixed in a plant producing a purple small flower in this rocky place. Is it not the generic name of these flowers?

Gorse (whin)

gorse This will be Gorse. The hurting plant and book of the yellow splinter to have a heated show it well. As an example, Pooh fell from the tree which he climbed on Gorse, and he has a splinter having stuck.
I walked the west coast of Coniston water and came across the plant which thought that this was good for Gorse. This plant is hard and is full of splinters and cannot have by hand. A thistle is much better. This is cannot meal to sheep.

Orlaya grandiflora

orlaya This flower bloomed in the footpath of ranches from Coniston water to Hawkshead village. This was wild grass in the U.K., but met you recently though it was cultivated as flower arrangement in Japan. It is the wonderful flower such as white fireworks.

Circaea lutetiana ?

This is the wild grass which I found at Hawkshead YH. I think that it is a kind of Circaea lutetiana. Dancing posture, the form of the leaf resemble four pieces of white petals.

flag Flower

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