Let's have a Burgee to explore

As Mr.Donky's expedition, I just expedition also went to make a burgee. When I walked around the land that was drawn by the Ransome, it was still need burgee.
I have bought a blue cloth favorite color at Nomura Taylor. I put my "man" there. Because it's cut out the cloth as Susan is difficult for me, I have crucified the white cloth of cotton on both sides.
This burgee erected in the North Pole by expedition, the voyage to wildcat island at Coniston water I was standing on the boat bow. I also children of natives who met landed on the island of longing had you impressed with the "It, that? Made it yourself". In addition, I have also traveled expedition to the Secret water and Norfolk river.
When traveling alone, I had reflected on my behalf without the self-timer.

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 Burgee of swallows fluttering in Swallows would Which direction?

   swallow in burgee

Which direction to Burgee of swallow in the Swallows?
I thought that strange to watch the British movie "Swallows and Amazons" 1974. Because it had been facing a sharp end swallow drawn on the burgee (A).
When the yacht is under tailwind is swallow will face the traveling direction of the yacht and to the direction (A). The burgee of swallows was this direction I think at that time.
But when I try to examine the illustrations of Ransome, most of swallows drawn as facing the mast (B).
However, it will be the difference of being drawn near the inside front cover of the map of the "Secret water". The burgee of Swallows and Amazons and Eels of secret archipelago expedition was facing to sharp end(A).
 Flag of Swallow which was put in Abbot Hall Art Gallery(Kendal) was facing the mast. (B)

Well, what of either of the Swallows that Ransome drew.
The make a burgee on top of the mast because of the direction of the wind. If you swallow that facing the mast (B), swallows it will face the windward always. It is very important to know the direction of the wind for sailing. For this reason, we are making a small burgee on top of the mast. If even when the head wind, so able proceed with tuck, the direction of the burgee does not match the direction of travel of the yacht.
Flag of swallow I think is good direction of the (B). And if facing the mast you will always swallows fly against the wind as a weathervane. Most of the illustrations of Ransom is this direction.
Why is the burgee of the secret archipelago expedition is reversed? How I can not think Ransome's mistake.

put it up in the warren
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burgee Burgee for expedition

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burgee on boat
burgee on boat at Wildcat island

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