Luggage together, in one daypack

czech I walk around the hills and fields of England, because I want to see a lot of stuff, luggage was to really minimal. And then the weight that even though carrying all day I do not get in the way.
My clothes were T-shirt basic in cotton pants, but England summer morning Need also long-sleeved shirts. I must also have jacket to prevent wind and a small folding umbrella.
I was so as to lighten the luggage even a little. I didn't bring a guidebook, will continue to copy only where necessary. The important thing is the map that I can buy in the country. Compass I was attached to the daypack so as not to lose.
Of course, I did laundry every day. It is washroom to wash a small soap. But, there was no place to dry. YouthHostel survives often there was a drying room in the basement. For example lay a towel on the floor so as not dripping drops beside the bed if there is no place to dry.
Climbing shirt is convenient to those with excellent sweat and immediate drying, such as dry acrylic and polyester. Others for climbing pants dries overnight room. Socks also washed every day, but no product is found that dry easily as far T-shirt for climbing.
Shoes easy exercise walking shoes. To cross the tidal of Walton on the Naze it might be glad if I bought a rubber sandals somewhere.

This time, I'll had a tiny computer HP200LX and digital cameras. This is done went capture a lot of recording of Mr Donky's pilgrimage from the web. I was diary was going to wrote to this, but more of paper notes was still quick and convenient.

I use a pencil,so I would have a touch knife to sharpen a pencil. This was only about 5mm not out of the cutting edge, but that it was not able to carry it will be found in Kansai Airport.

at olviet

For luggage of journey,
Also Takako Hirai / Kazuichi Isoda Europe Illustrated travelogue "Please Andersen" (Tokyo Sogensha issue) I had taught a lot, such as that to lighten the luggage of journey.

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