I learned that I went to the foreign countries for a trip from my wife. Thank you.
I was helped a lot of the Website of Ransame Fan seniors. There was a lot of discovery in this expedition.
I read a book of Ransome, mountains and rivers and lakes were turned mine completely. I was actually wander around the grounds of the place. It was a wonderful experience for me that I went to Wildcat Island I rowed a small boat, And experience of the Bure river there was active in coot club, I had to walk the Hightops by climbing the rocky mountain, I was able to experience both low tide and high tide in the Secret water, and I was able to find the Dog's Home among the forest.

windermere A few years ago. I was asked from my wife. "You want to go If you could go out to travel abroad for the first time together somewhere."
I answered, "I go together If we go to the Windermere water" Then I started to look things Lake District. Thus 1998 journey overseas for the first time with wife had decided to England.
I knew the story of "Swallows and Amazons" is the Windermere Water in England, I did not know at all.
As with travel in Japan, Booking of Youth Hostel for the journey, and we have provided flight and railway tickets BritRail Pass. It was an unplanned trip.

In the shores of Coniston Water and Windermere Water, I put my hands in the lake, I was impressed I was able to come here at last. And, when I went to the North Pole in the "Winter Holiday" that Dorothea and Dick has reached through the snowstorm, tears now likely out to me. This is the secret to my wife,she don't want to try to read the Ransome's books.
Expedition of 2003 which had you seen here was one trip. Place that does not go together and if my wife, and to walk the rocky mountain also, and was able to start without reservation of accommodation was also because I was traveling alone.

Words of John I have put on this site called "Three cheers for Wildcat Island" was written at the end of "Swallows and Amazons". It was the scene when children said goodbye to Wildcat Island at end of summer, Swallows and Amazons to take each course.

As they passed Houseboat Bay,Cpatain Flint rowed out to them to say good-bye once more.
"Good-bye,"they shouted.
"Till next year,"he shouted back.

Without losing the hearts of children, and Come back here at any time. Forever.

Thank you to this address Mail to me.

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It's difficult for me not good at english, but little by little started to make a page in English Website. The opportunity, I had that I tried to call how this Web site will look from YH Czech. But meaningless symbol had lined up can not be displayed at all Japanese on the screen.
This is of such because the computer that I had not used did not correspond to the Japanese.
From my experience, also, in the hope to read people of England who helped me, and began the creation of the English page also serves as a study of my own. I have modified little by little mistakes of grammar. Page of Japanese is also a state of insufficient still, but enjoy doing the difficult English composition.
There may be such a lot of grammatical mistakes. If you would have the advice and pointed out.
How I did not know much to be investigated in the dictionary, How would write out in English the voice of sheep "Mee Mee", and the voice of the duck "Gue gue".
(Later,I had a United States-born person teach this. Duck crows "quack quack", and sheep barks "baa baa". )

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