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Mt.Kanchenjunga was wrapped in fog.
I finished to eat breakfast and I depertured from HollyHowe immediately. I passed along the elementary school front from footpath of a pasture, and went to Coniston YouthHostel. Here was another Holly How (YH Coniston Holly How).
The building of YouthHostel was made to stack slates. I asked dinner and breakfast at the desk. I seemed to be able to eat usually today. I went out soon after having put luggage at a room.
It was not in time for Coniston launch. Then, I decided to walk along the west coast to south. I entered the footpath on the way of the road where it faced the port. I passed pasture, and the campground full of the car. I advanced in the forest along the lakefront.
I sat on the bench where Wildcat island was visible. As I went to the island of yearning, I could be satisfied and watch. I passed by the pier of SunnyBank, and a little climbed from the bank. I walked the road. I received hot sunlight. The heath was in blossom in purple and red purple in the quarry. The flower mixed various purples and was beautiful. A yellow flower of gorse was quite beautiful.
I had passed bridge in swallow's valley misunderstanding from BrownHowe ahead. There was a guide board of a pier of the Coniston launch when I walked on the road that the car passed. It was written LakeBank here. And, I knew I had not been found the bridge. I tried walking furthermore advancing to south, whether Octopus Lagoon was not visible. However, it seemed to be away there from the road even if it saw from the map. I would not get anything seen today though I had walked holding out. I decided to turn back on a hot road. At last, I found small stone bridge.
This was surely the bridge of Swallowdale. It made by slate. I went down whether I could pass through the bottom. There was gorse to grow thick firmly,so I could not pass through it.

coniston water
Along with this small flow, I would go to the way of a lake seeing a Horseshoe Cave. As for the beach, many sailboats were moored,and a family played with water. I searched whether Amazon's boathouse at Beckfoot was visible in the other side, that. It was too far and did not understand.
I decided to return by Coniston launch. I took off shoes and socks. I took a rest applying the foot to the lake. There would still be time by the launch came. Young student's group was diving in the pier to the lake many times. A small dingy of a red sail passed. Before long, the launch came. I wiped my foot,and wore my shoes. The customer lined up on the pier. The captain not only steering and selling the ticket, did also the fact that the launch was connected to the pier entirely alone. The launch returned to the north passed by the Wildcat island.

coniston launch
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