Sailing boats at Bure river

Norfolk region the Coot club had been active is called the Norfolk Broads or the Broads. This area have spread wheat fields, the river Bure and the river Ant through in rural areas have relaxed flow in abundant water. There is also a place which has become broad.
When I had seen in the river bank, sailing ship pasted the near me spread the large sail. Many of ships were moving by the engine, but the sail was still my longing.
I want to see sailing boats,but the road and the river was away. In Honing village, each of the backyard was like there was a boathouse have facing the viewer river. Everyone have a private boat for going out.
Therefore I must find a place that is not a private property to the approaches to the river. I did not close to the river that it was not impassable except public footpath. I walked looking much to find a place where there was a way to approach to the riverside. I was close to the pier of honing village and Ferry inn.   I came across on the road to approach the riverside when past the church will walk past the wheat fields. This road will end at the river. Here I was comfortable watching the sailboat to go past to expand the sail.


I wish I want to put on sailing boat.
But, let's put up a motor lunch that can be borrowed. License does not need to drive. Boat will move slowly in electricity, will be moved if a little get used to how effectiveness of the screw and rudder. River Ant is narrow, any boat will go slowly for the previous ship. River Bure is wide, I was able to rest by bank. This area was both banks reed and bushes. In the reed, I didn't know the stand with my feet. Landing would be difficult.
Ludham Bridge Service. I went to the counter without can be reserved. After I had paid the fee, I had taught the handling of motor lunch of electric. Operation of motor lunch, knowing that the rudder does not come into play immediately, the operation because the boat proceed slowly was not difficult.
river bure
Dinghy seems to also be borrowed, but boats was proceeding everyone lined crowded, it's going to tuck in this river to windward, I would very difficult. The flow of the river was very calm. It is a place I want to come again when it is not the season of summer.

flag Sailing boat

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