γ€€The birds which I met

γ€€with birds

When a lot of bread of my breakfast was sent, I leave it a little and keep it. So the bread which became hard is always in my rucksack. This is for birds to come across in many places.
I went along the lake end of Coniston water some times, but I was welcomed by easy marks whenever I went along here. When the duck and coots understand that they get bait, I gather suddenly to run on the surface of the water.
Easy marks warble to 'quack quack' and welcome you. I answer with 'quack quack', too and distribute breakfast.
There is more no amiability in the sheep of the ranch than birds. I do not answer even if I call them so that I put up bread with much effort.

duck The spot-billed ducks I met at the northern end of Coniston water. In search of food, summer-fed gulls also came.
When I called on the birds to feed them, they answer.

coot This would be because COOT CLUB played an active part for protection in River Bure of the Norfolk district, or very many coots gathered to me at Ferry inn. Though there was a coot in such a group, I met you for the first time.

robin When I sat a bench seat of Hawkshead YH, a robin came over near immediately. And the bird stopped at the neighboring bench. I take out a camera not to threaten him. Robin is not afraid of a person, but the big movement is not possible. I took a photograph quietly.

crow In morning of Ambleside YH in the ridge of the Widermere water, several hundred flocks of jackdaws gathered on the roof of YH and were absent. The crows crossed the Widermere water little by little before long. Will them go to the other side of the lake for breakfast?

geese A group of geese which I met at farm of Walton_on_the_Naze. They are thought to be Canada goose.
There was a white bird in this. It may be Morten with Nils.

1998.8 Stratford upon Avon


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