A small wooden boat crosses Lake Windermere to the other side of the lake, and after a short wait, the microbus has arrived. I sat by the driver's seat with a good view. The narrow slopes between stone walls ware just the width of a microbus.
I got off the microbus in the village of Hawkshead and at first I had lunch shopping at co-op. Milk was contained in 1 pint plastic container. It was strange that the milk of paper packs seen in Japan is not sold. From here, I would walk up to Coniston lake exceeding over the hill. Although there was a footpath passing through a pasture, but I had not the map written in detail. I decided to walk along the way which a sidewalk did not have, it was only width but a car pass.
coniston-map This slope was steep and hot sunlight blazed on it. Even if I exceeded a peak, I could not see the Coniston water. It is divided with the way which goes to the foot of a lake, and I walked aiming at Bank Ground Farm. I walked the way in woods, passed many farms somehow named Ground Farm. I walked along the way passing through the distant high place to the lakefront.
I arrived at Holly Howe at 3:00 pm. I entered the farm toward the lake, there was many cars also coming. I had the print of E-mail for which it applied to a woman of a reception seen, and she guided it to the room for me.
There are some doors like a small hotel the building and in written "Barn". In the room, there was a window on the lake side,and a bed was two.
The bath in the bathtub that was was on the passage. Here was feeling of the pension rather than bed and breakfast. It was not feeling of the farmer in the country expected to do by the business. I wanted HollyHowe to be the farmhouse.
First of all, I would take a bath for the first time. Being flooded with hot water there were only showers all the time feels relieved. After taked a bath, I went to ask the place of a lounge. I passed room of breakfast and I found the Ransome fan's room. There was various books. If the door of glass was opened, the grassy place which continues to a lake can be gone down gently-sloping. I would carry out the tuck to the soft head wind, and I went down from a grassy place. There was a boathouse at the lakefront, and a small pier, too.

I thought about the map by expanding it on the bed. How I would spend the time of today's remain. I could go to Dog's Home now. There was going only today because there will be navigation to the Wildcat island tomorrow.
Now, I was a start. I packed a map and HP200LX in a small knapsack, and began to walk Holly Howe along footpath to south. I passed through a pasture. I progressed having come out to the road soon and looking down on a lake. I saw to collect the mown grass by machine. I passed the residence of Brantwood and went to along the lakefront.
I walked while comparing records on the guide book 'In the footsteps of ransome'.
It was not easy to understood entering the valley. A wide wooden gate was closed. But I found the sign of small footpath attached. The fence was overcome according to the sign of footpath and it was needed to the mountain path of a valley. I thought it might be good in the road in this valley. However, I was not confident. There was several-meter width of the road, it became a way in a rock from the way of a grassy place soon, and seemingly it was a mountain path in woods, and became narrow. I confirmed going to the northeast with the direction magnet.
I thought good in this road, but I could do nothing but already advance.
The Dog's Home
I found a hut in the forest when advancing on a rocky road. It was so, and found it. It was the same hut as the illustration that Ransome drew. It was the hut which accumulated this and a rock. The door was able to be easily opened only by having applied the string. A lot of light entered from the window. The hut was larger than expected me and also had a fireplace. The hut could be steady though the stone volume in the window was a little broken.
Today exploration was finished, the ranch in the farm passed, and I returned to walking Holy Howe in footpath that came off. Did it take about one hour on my return?
There was no shop that buy foods hither of the lake but there was only bread and a juice tonight.
Begin to be from the window of the room, and slowly because instant coffee can be made with a teakettle on the seen bench. There was Knchenjunga in the other side of the lake and the lively breeze. The day grows dark slowly.
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