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It was sunny in the morning in Honing Village.
Breakfast was with Mr. and Mrs. David as yesterday. I was asked a lot again. What time and where does the train go? Have you booked tonight's inn, how many days are there and where in the UK are you going to see? It seemed to be an English conversation practice.  I asked that the breakfast was different from yesterday, and I had them prepare Real English Breakfast, sausage, salted bacon, and fried egg.
It was time to walk towards Wroxham Station and just past the information desk. I looked into the glass window, wondering if there was a person in charge, and two faint people noticed and waved their hands from the counter. Thank you.

At last, the delay of the train arrived at Warrington central of the transfer station at 40 minutes or more from 30 minutes. I was necessary to walk from here to the Bank Quay station of a different railroad company. Am I in time for the transferred train? However,I did not know whether to be near the station. I referred to the guide board around the station. I saw the compass and walked. I asked the person whom I met whenever a little advancing. Everyone was very kind. I asked the person who did not know the place at the station, and he had asked the person who passed nearby further for me.
After all, it was 500m or more away to the transferred Bank Quay station. I went up to the platform in a hurry and the guide display of the train was seen. However, all trains were late for this route. The great number of people was waited for here. When beginning when the train that was scheduled to be taken also came for 75 minutes because of the delay, it was displayed. The arrival of this train would be delayed more. Everyone waited for a train at the platform or the waiting room. cat I waited in assignation house room. A cat is slowly extended on a chair. Looking at that man is impatient,he was finished to relax truly.
There was all no air-conditioning, it was hot, and very when I boarded the train that came because of the delay for 90 minutes me. Up to now, air-conditioning was necessary Ats in Britain. The window was not built so that it was opened.
The delay of the jogging train came to increase fast for two hours. The conductor turned round a carriage, and he distributed it to everyone for a water bottle. The cool water would keep a cool head though my throat was not dry.
In the train, here was a transfer station that arrives at Oxenholme at last. I felt relieved because I got off a hot train. However, 20:00 trains for Windermere do not come even if waiting at platform. It would get on the following 20:50. It had darkened when I attached to the Windermere station in the terminal. There was no round bus of YH any longer at this time. The shuttle bus ended, too. For the person who got off ten-odd person train, and four travelers went quickly by taxi etc. and left around the station including me. Whether I could do nothing but walk on the road where it was dark how to cost it was embarrassed. However, it was looked that the driver went toward me when the last taxi left to where. Then, it was possible to wait when answering that it was ambleside waiting there. He leaves a message and the taxi had gone.
I waited by about ten minutes and the taxi returned. I was thought it was still far when I went to Ambleside YH, and was a serious distance if walking on a dark road. It was ago of 22:00 that I arrived at YH, and darkened completely. Because the arrival was too late, I entered while worrying whether the reservation was canceled. My name was found being written in the reservation list by the acceptance and I was feeling relieved safe. Got a room key and to the room of the second floor. The bed in front of the window where it faced the lake would be used. Everyone in this room had not returned yet though it darkens.
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